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We make the differece!

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Welcome to The Land of Smiles!


We were born to persue perfection

Flower Close Up

Welcome to visit Royal Flora from November 2006 till next year 2007
More than 2,000  Flowers from many countries will present  in front of mountain view and nature of ChiangMai  where you will never forget your holidays in Northern Thailand forever. 
We provide The difference Packages tours and The Unique Study Programes as below and as you require...
A)   Landscape on the nice plate
B)   Gardening  on the nice plate 
C)   Lotus form made of banana leave or another materail
D)   Herbsal magnetics
E)    Fruit  manetigs
F)    Flower pen
I)    Batik
J)    Candle Store
K0   Water or Plastic colour Painting
L)    Herbal Cooking Class
M)   Herbal Massage Therapy
N)    Clean Me Out Programe 'Vitality'
0)     Thai Traditional Massage 'by Thai Traditional Medicine
P)    As you require
Free Transportation .....Contact ' Chusri'
Tel&Fax : 053 215100
Mobile   : 089-7583945

Enjoy to visit the different from many countries..
Please make reservation before your holidays!


Please contact for more information from 'Chusri' :

Lanna International Services

5/15 Soi 4, ChangPuak Road,ChiangMai 50200 Thailand

E-mail     :,

Tel&Fax : 66 (8) 053 215100

Mobile    : 809 -7583945









































































Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

Back to Nature
We have packages programes for you as well.
Free Transportation from the Airport to the hotel (for two reservation). Tel&Fax : 66 0853 215100
Mobile :  089-7583945

Workshop Schedule
Landscaping: How To
Intro to Gardening
Selecting Plants
Landscaping: How To
Selecting Plants

Berries and leaves

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